The Child Who Is Peace


Silent Night, starlit night, a world lies waiting.

        The heavens brighten in an instant

Heralding the child who is Peace.


Rude beginnings, straw-filled manger, warm beasts lowing -

        Father, mother, smile contented,

Gazing at the child who is Peace.


Shepherds come from hills surrounding, awe and fear abound

        Find the family; fear is banished

Drawing near the child who is Peace.


From afar, the wise and noble travel ‘cross the land.

        Seeking, searching - a star still beckons;

To learn from the child who is Peace.


Now to us the choice is given - never again to fear.

        Can we live with one another,

Remembering the child who is Peace?


                                           - T. A. Baillieul

                                              December, 2002