Tom Baillieul

Artist, scientist, traveler, romantic, the eclectic life and moods of the painter find expression in a wide variety of subjects,styles, and media. Largely self-taught, Tom has been painting since his undergraduate days.

Any idea is fair game: aviation themes, memories of the African bush, coral reef life, American summer evenings, or explorations of cross-cultural symbolism. The landscapes and seascapes which dominate many of Tom's works are a reflection of his deep respect for the Earth and are sparked by his years as a field Geologist. Portraits and other commissioned works round out his portfolio.

Tom's hard-edged, realistic style is frequently overlain by a touch of whimsy, the surreal, or the tapestry-like effect of his "striped" paintings. Acrylic and watercolors are his media of choice, but he will occasionally turn to pastels or pen and ink for a change of pace.

Tom's work has been shown frequently around Columbus, including one-person exhibitions at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, the Columbus Mayor's Office, the Columbus Parks and Recreation Administration Offices, and the Gahanna branch of the Metropolitan Library. His painting, "Symbolic Knowledge 2" was shown at the Columbus Museum of Art as part of the Ohio Art League's Fall 2000 juried exhibition.

Paintings are frequently on display at sites around Columbus - stay tuned for the latest exhibit information.

Follow the path of an inspiration and learn how I came upon the idea of striped paintings and see the evolution of that style. Also strongly recommended for flamingo lovers!

Welcome to my galleries...

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Coast to Coast

Celebrate Charles Lindbergh's vision of coast to coast passenger air travel. Transcontinental Air Transport (later becoming TWA) and the Pennsylvania Railroad offered combined service in 1929, linking New York and Los Angeles in under 48 hours!

To learn more about the history of Coast to Coast, click here.

Out of Africa

Take a trip into the bush by Land Rover in search of the elusive !Kung, the people of the Kalahari. Marvel at the exotic shapes of baobab trees against the stark vistas surrounding Taba tsa Kudu, the "Place of the Gods." Wonder as 100,000 flamingoes set the horizon on fire as they return in the rainy season to nest on Sua Pan.

Summer Nights

Rainbow neon paints exciting patterns against the deepening twilight as we come out at the end of the day to...stroll the midway...check out the friends for coffee...or maybe just take a quiet walk in the park. This is the American scene on a midsummer's eve.

Travels in space, time, and spirit

Everything that is or ever will be was once joined in an infinitessimal singularity that blossomed forth as the "Big Bang". Thus you, me, great whales, Ford Fairlanes, and the farthest galaxy are related at the most intimate of levels. Enjoy a mix of images exploring the many ways we can express our understandings, or our questions about the universe.

Erosion and Light

A series exploring the interplay of light and rock; a celebration of the Earth.

Cape and Coral

Life above and beneath the waves from Cape Cod to the sparkling coral beaches of the Caribbean


All the rest.

...and pages of friends and family

A History of the Baliol (Baillieul) Family in early Scotland and England. Meet a real Sheriff of Nottingham, a Scottish King or two, and the richest woman in 13th Century Europe (who also gave the word sweetheart to the English language).

How I am able to afford to paint.

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