Travels in Space, Time, and Spirit

Everything that is or ever will be was once joined in an infinitessimal singularity that blossomed forth as the "Big Bang". Thus you, me, great whales, Ford Fairlanes, and the farthest galaxy are related at the most intimate of levels. Enjoy a mix of images exploring the many ways we can express our understandings, or our questions about the universe.

"Abbey Moon"

Inspired by the ruins of Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey, Scotland.

Journey #1 - "Anthropos"

The beginning of a new series .

Journey #2 - "Cosmos"

The second of a new series .

Journey #3 - "Islas"

The journeys continue.

Journey #4 - "Cibola"

Journey through the Southwest.

Journey #5 - "Norse"

Colors of the Viking world.


A gray day over a wetland results in a wonderfully abstract pattern.

Chaos - Bereisith

Chaos #3

Can an artist ever depict chaos? Or does the act of depiction create order? Nature abhors a vacuum; the human mind abhors chaos.

Chaos #1

Chaos - Ogdoad

Chaos #2

Vivaldi's Windows

DNA Dreaming

Jacobs Ladder

Paths of the Dead

Currents of Belief

Life Currents

In the Dreamtime, Lizard sang the stars into being to give us something to reach for.

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