Deb's 2014 QSDS Challenge pieces

each 12" x 12" - fiber and mixed media

I used free association in my pieces. The “Line” replicated, expanded, became neon, and blurred.

#1 “He said...She said...”, I turned, rotated lines, used hand painted cords,and used a simple palette.

#2 “Cleopatra's Perfume”, I gave the line width, depth and sparkle by layering fabrics and cutting away to reveal the golden perfume.

#3 “Ommm...”, I reflected my daily life, using stick figures. I felt obligated to keep the palette.

#4 “Lego Lady”, I decided to retire from teaching. I reflected on play, superheros, toys and teaching. The photo was no longer a burden.

#5 “Climate Change”, I snow dyed 32 pieces of fabric during our sub zero winter, snow and thunder in an unstable world.

I started with a line and ended with a diary of my past year, more personal each time I repeated the exercise.