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       A selection of our most recent artworks...

A new painting in Deb's
"Stories" gallery

"Stall" -acrylic painting

Cornish Holiday

"Cornish Holiday"
In Tom's "Cape and Coral" gallery
"Getting a round tuit"
a new art quilt in Deb's Mood Gallery

Getting a round tuit


A new bit of surrealism in Tom's
Potpourri Gallery
Minimalism and mood in Tom's
Cape and Coral Gallery


Chaos - The End of Time

"Chaos: The End of Time"
Continuing the series in Tom's
"Travels in Space, Time, and Spirit" Gallery
"As I was going to St. Ives"
a new painting in Deb's "Ocean" Gallery

While I was going to St. Ives

Candy's Fast Food
"Candy's Fast Food"
find it in Deb's "Stories" Gallery

"Chaos: Chirp""
Inspired by the detection of gravity waves from
colliding massive black holes.

In Tom's
"Travels in Space, Time, and Spirit" Gallery

Chaos - Chirp

Reflecting Democracy
"Reflecting Democracy"
a painting to ponder,
from Deb's "Mood" Gallery
"Welcome!" said the octopus to the clam
silks, linen, and cotton
in Deb's "Ocean" Gallery

"Welcome," said the octopus to the clam

The Night They Invented Irish Coffee

"The Night They Invented Irish Coffee"
A historical piece in Tom's
"Potpourri" Gallery
"Out of Many... One"
A reminder that we are a nation of immigrants,
each of us having a unique identity.

Out of Many - One

After the Storm
"After the Storm"
Snow-dyed and hand-dyed cotton,
created in the 2017 hurricane season.
In Deb's "Energy" Gallery
"Woodland Ghosts"
mixed media, with real birch bark,
reviving our green spaces -
in Deb's "Energy" Gallery

Woodland Ghosts

Sprites and Storm

"Sprites and Storm""
A painting of unbridled nature
in Tom's "Potpourri" Gallery

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