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       A selection of our most recent artworks...

From Tom's "Artist as Witness" Gallery;
What if who we are, and where we come from really didn't matter?

"American Dream"
Small towns in western Kansas are dying as the young move away and patterns of life change.
New in Tom's Artist as Witness Gallery

American Dream

Other Side of the River
"Other Side of the River"
New in Deb's Stories Told Gallery
"Abbey Moon"
A memory of Scotland
in Tom's Time, Space, and Spirit Gallery

Abbey Moon 30" X 30" acrylic

Unlocked Energy, 24" X 36", acrylic
"Unlocked Energy"
memories of the canals in
Birmingham, England
 in Deb's Stories Told gallery
"St. Ives School of Art"
new in Deb's Stories Told gallery

St. Ives School of Art - quilt

Arkansas River, 16" X 20", acrylic on board

"Arkansas River"
a perfect late summer evening in Buena Vista, Colorado
in Tom's Potpourri gallery

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