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Welcome to the eclectic world of a scientist, artist, romantic, historian, and traveler - the EarthFriend. 

Artist's Statement

I paint what interests me; and, as my interests are broad and varied, almost any idea is fair game. My work encompasses: aviation themes, memories of life in the African bush, explorations of cross-cultural symbolism, statements against war and aggression, days by the sea, and peaceful summer evenings. I have a hard-edged, realistic style, moderated by an occasional touch of whimsy, or the surreal, or even a tapestry-like effect. My training as a geologist has helped me interpret landscapes and seascapes, and the way light plays from multiple sources. Acrylic and watercolors are my media of choice, but I will occasionally turn to pastels or pen and ink for a change of pace.

All art is an abstraction of reality. Even the most realistic painting or photograph is silent about what is happening beyond the edge of the image. I like to give the viewer sufficient visual clues for them to develop a narrative about the scene they are witnessing - but not so much that I am imposing my own story.

My artistic ability is mostly self-taught, aided by a couple of adult evening classes while living in Pittsburgh in the late 1970s. I have been painting since my undergraduate days (30+ years ago), and art has become an increasingly important and rewarding aspect of my life. I participate in an open studio class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center for contact with other artists and for critiques of my work.

My paintings appear in private collections across the country.

Recent Exhibition History

Like a certain style or subject, but don't see exactly what you want? Or maybe you'd like a portrait of that favorite someone set against an unusual backdrop. Why not consider commissioning a work? It's easier than you think!

For all inquiries, just drop me an e-mail at:

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