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       A selection of our most recent artworks...

Evening Mist

"Evening Mist"
in Tom's "Cape and Coral" Gallery
"Bee Aware!"
in Deb's "Stories Told" Gallery

Bee Aware!

Colonial Legacy

"Colonial Legacy"
in Tom's "Artist as Witness" Gallery
"Creekside Park"
a recent commission,
in Deb's "Mood" Gallery

Creekside Park


Tom's latest quilt, in his
"Travels in Time, Space and Spirit" Gallery
"Hope Across the Pond"
a new painting in Deb's "Mood" Gallery

Hope Across the Pond

Khutswe - Dusk

"Khutswe - Dusk"
continuing to evolve his "stripe" style,
in Tom's "Out of Africa" Gallery
"Au Naturel"
in Deb's "Mood" Gallery

Au Naturel

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