Out of Africa

Humanity arose in central southern Africa nearly 200,000 years ago. This is where we developed the ability to think and communicate symbolically, to imagine possible futures, and to create art. Africa is our home.

Take a trip into the bush by Land Rover in search of the elusive !Kung, the people of the Kalahari, and the direct descendants of the earliest humans. Marvel at the exotic shapes of baobab trees against the stark vistas surrounding Taba tsa Kudu, the "Place of the Gods." Wonder as 100,000 flamingoes set the horizon on fire as they return in the rainy season to nest on Sua Pan.

Dumela acrylic on canvas

Khutswe - Dusk acrylic on canvas

Kubu #2 acrylic on canvas

A door to the past


Great Zimbabwe 1 & 2

Kubu Sunrise

Lone Tree Camp acrylic on canvas,

Africa Remembered

Colors of the Kalahari

Kalahari - Day
Kalahari - Sunset
Makgadikgadi Flood
Makgadikgadi Flood

Kubu 1

Birth of "the People"

When Things Fall Apart,



Criss-cross Rhythms

One Day on the Pans

Taking Bearings

On the Edge of the Pans

Casting the bones

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