GARDEN DELIGHTS:I grew up surrounded by gardens formal flower borders, colonial herb knot gardens, rock gardens, spring, fall colors, and of course vegetable gardens. My mother was a master gardener and lifetime judge of horticulture and floral design. I still have several sizable gardens in my yard, where I treasure the renegade tomato plant as well as the butterfly-crested cone flower. A woodsy walk through nature's gardens refreshes my busy life. The inspiration for these nature and garden quilts is clear!  Conserving, using up, expanding, drilling more, walking, eating?  What answers?

Change: Zooland to Ravine, Beechwold

Old Beechwold Ravine

Spring Break

Flight of Fancy

Gone Wild

Garden Party


Sunnier Days #1

Sunnier Days #2

Jewels of the Swamp

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