STORIES TOLD: These narrative quilts and paintings mark my journeys-beginning with my years living in Botswana, travels to New England, New Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, and just living. Put your story into each one.

Aminah's World

I Walk the Line

Bee Aware!

Slithy Tove Gimbels

Doolin Donkey

My Favorite Color is Sunset

One World - One Love

Threads of the Past

Quilt Surface Design Challenge 2019 "The Spirit of Africa"


Candy's Fast Food

Child's Play

St. Ives School of Art

The Other Side of the River

Unlocked Energy

Trees of the Olentangy

Oceanna: Daughter of the Sea

Rapunzel's Golden Hair


Grimm's Grotto

River Dee, Scotland

QSDS 2014 Challenge

My Desk Drawer



Mask #2 - "Mystery"

Mask #3 - "Faces"

Mask #4 - "Marks"


Talking Drums

George in Belize

Near the Parrot's Nest Lodge

Lady in the Rock

Picasso said, "she was a beauty."


Mesa Storm

Breaking up... Making up... Waking up... is hard to do

Ancient Ones

Audrey 3

Celtic Roots


Searching for elephants

Stories in Stone


Zambezi River Bank

Trade Roots

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